Big flappy dress thing

On my recent trip to Cornwall to visit the Oracle, (aka my Mother) I got over my aversion to fusty smells and golly ceramic statues and decided to delve into the charity shop bins.

In said bins I found a delightful shiny shirt which I intended to chop up and make something out of, however after trying on this beauty I decided to love it for what it is, I think you’ll agree it would be a bit of a crime to massacre this number


It’s like I read on a very helpful website, take the surroundings of a charity shop away from the clothes and you will probably find something you would snap right up from a high street shop. Never underestimate the sexiness of marketing and advertising guys.

Another gem I found in my new found favourite place was this great big flappy mess.


I liked the neckline, which is why I bought this for a meagre £2.50. A passable summer dress is what I had in mind, after a good old fashioned taking in session of course. So I pinned and I stitched and lovingly re-stitched the arm holes, and completely screwed it up. I made it a couple of inches too small on both sides, not accounting for the unstretchyness of the material. The neckline however was saveable, so I unpacked it and deemed it usable for a burlesque costume. You live and learn you guys, I’ve got plans for you little neck collar….


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