Pastie time

Hello friends! I thought I would put up a semi tutorial about nipple patsies, which are incredibly easy to make but even easier to spend loads on. Now don’t get me wrong, if I’m doing an important show, or I feel a pair goes perfectly with my costume, I might buy online and fork out for a super fancy pair, but as most of my costumes are made by yours truly, the only way to get them to look exactly how you want them is to make them yourself. This pair I made for a winter wonderland act last Christmas and went down a storm.

Stuff I used;
1. Craft foam
2. Hot glue gun
3. White lace
4. Feathers and bead from craft store

Here’s how I did it;

1. First I cut two circles out of my craft foam, I used something about an inch bigger than I wanted them as a finished product, as they will be folded over (and obviously to leave room for cock ups)

2. I found the diameter of my circle and cut a line to the middle.

3. I folded the edges slightly over, using the curve of my uh…. appendages? To figure out how I wanted them to sit.

4. I glued a thin line and pressed the edges together so I have the general form of my pastie.

5. Now to decorate. I usually put the folded line to the bottom of the pastie so it sits right, then decorate appropriately. For these I used ribbon to create stripes.

6. I attached feathers to the back of them with my trusty hot glue gun and covered the back of them with another piece of ribbon for comfort.

7. Voilà, finished. These ones I attach with cover tape and find that they hold fine. I had these under a corset and they are pretty hardy.

There you go. Easy, now go forth and hold miscellaneous round things over your boobs to find the right circle shape. (guaranteed to happen)


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